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"Deepest sleep ever"

"Oh my, this thing works! The chocolate tastes just like reguar chocolate, no funny aftertaste. It makes you fall asleep easier (like with much less effort, as it helps shuts your brain down) and you get a very deep quality sleep. HIGHLY recommend."

- Mahsa J.

"Staple if you work night shift!"

"My husband works nights and always has to use sleeping pills to go to sleep. Now he’s switched to these!"

- Christina S.

"Sleep Never Felt So Sweet"

"Tutia is the first product I've tried where I've seen consistent results - so much that I just placed my second order and probably should have ordered 2 instead of 1. The cherry on the cake is that it tastes so good and each piece is only 27 calories :)"

-Roohi E.

"Delicious (and I slept like a baby)"

"Not only did I fall to sleep with ease, but I woke up feeling rested. You can tell it’s all natural. They’re yummy, and they actually work."

- Mina Z.

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Our Sharing is Caring bundle comes with 4 packages with each containing 5 pieces of Sweet Dreamz Sleep Chocolate.