About Tutia

Well hello there!

We're Marjan & Mike, the Cofounders of this amazing small business named Tutia. Right now, we're currently working hard at building something that improves your overall quality of life! Don't be afraid to send us a message!

Here's how it all began...

In early 2020, the world started changing as a pandemic began spread across the globe. Workers became remote, stress levels were raised, and routines were thrown completely out of whack. 

Sleep had been a common problem before but now it had become a whole new challenge due to this crazy year! Especially for Mike, who would continually walk into the office looking like the Walking Dead. 

Well, in March of 2020, we decided to try and help Mike and others who were struggling to get some sleep in a fun & natural way. No pills or nasty tasting formulas...we decided it's time to add a treat to the nightly self-care routine. So how about a piece of delicious chocolate?

Back to the present...

We've launched with our first product Sweet Dreamz, which is a European milk chocolate with all-natural sleep supplements. Our goal is to help you sleep better, sleep sounder, and wake up more refreshed than ever. 

So try us out, let us know how it goes, and we promise to keep improving until we're all getting the sleep we need!

Have any questions? Send us an email!